Liquid bulk cargo

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International liquid bulk cargo transportation

We guarantee:

The optimal ratio of price quality - timing!

Reliability and safety of your deliveries!
Veles Spedition can organize liquid cargo transportation to international destinations, so you can safely ship liquid bulk cargo worldwide.
You can request the transportation of liquid cargo of various types, including foodstuffs (milk, juices, alcohol, etc.); chemicals (acids, alkalis, polymers, reagents, etc.); oil products (petrol, kerosene, fuel oil, etc.) and liquefied hydrocarbon gas (propane, butane, methane, ethylene, isobutanol, etc.).
With our understanding of the characteristics of liquid cargo transportation, we offer optimal logistic solutions and select the most suitable route and type of transport to send your cargo safely and securely.
Depending on the cargo type, we ship it by specialized transport: road tankers or tank containers.

Transportation by any type of transport

Free consultation with a freight forwarder

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Within the rules, out of bounds!

Worldwide door-to-door delivery of groupage cargo

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Liquid cargo transportation safely and securely

Bulk cargo can be divided into four main types:
For the transportation of dangerous liquid cargo, extra strong road tankers are used, the temperature conditions required for the transportation of this type of cargo are strictly observed and special attention is paid to the hermeticity of the tankers.
With Veles Spedition, you can always be sure that your cargo will be delivered safely and within the agreed time frame.

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Highly competent specialists

Prompt solution to the most complex tasks

Provide end-to-end services

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Frequently asked questions

Consolidation is conducted at our warehouse in Podolsk.

We send groupage cargo by road to Europe on a weekly basis.

FTL freight (full truck load) is cargo delivery with full loading of a vehicle.
LTL freight (less truck load) is cargo delivery with partial loading of a vehicle.

LCL is less than container load.
FCL is full container load.

Door-to-door freight condition at dispatch/arrival means that the freight forwarder assumes
responsibility for arranging transportation to/from the front door/warehouse of the shipper/recipient.

ADR is the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by

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