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Exporting cargo

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A shipper may face a lack of the necessary modes of transport or containers in a region to
ship goods for export. The solution to this issue could be transshipment at the intersection
of many transport corridors. Moscow and the Moscow region are the point where the
South-North and East-West transit directions converge, which offers them special logistical
attractiveness. Regular availability of road transport from different countries in Europe and
the Middle East allows us to quickly organize shipments. The developed railway
connection makes it possible to send a container with cargo to any export port.

We offer various types of transportation:

  • Shipment from any region in Russia to Europe and Turkey
  • Groupage shipments from Russia to Europe
  • Groupage shipments to Turkey.

If there is a lack of the necessary mode of transport or packaging in a region, we can offer
the export solution – transshipment at the point of intersection of transport corridors. First
the cargo is delivered to the transhipment warehouse (Moscow) by local transport. It is
then sent to the final destination (Turkey, China, European countries, etc.) by international
truck. This solution allows us to ship cargo from remote regions of Russia efficiently and to
plan the schedule of deliveries.

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Our capabilities

Transportation of cargo by all modes of transport – air, road, rail, sea, multimodal and container options.

Highly competent employees who understand all aspects of cargo transportation in different countries.

Solutions for tasks of any complexity, for example complex routes and transporting hazardous cargo.

Assistance with customs clearance.

Our own consolidation warehouse in Podolsk.

Strict adherence to deadlines.

Safety assurance – control at each stage of transportation, insurance and compliance with international safety standards.

We offer our customers the best solutions, which is why 89% of customers become regulars.

Competent selection of the optimal and most cost-effective route.

Door-to-door delivery support.

We send consolidated shipments all over the world – we have a weekly consolidation line.

Accurate and fast execution of orders and shipments.

We work with all countries and all product groups.

We guarantee reasonable prices for comprehensive import logistics services.

We have many ready-made solutions for various product groups and destinations.

We save you time by providing comprehensive services and meeting deadlines.

In every situation, we protect our client's interests.

Our rich experience allows us to optimize the cost of import shipments.

We offer an individual approach to import shipment arrangements.

Additional services

We arrange worldwide

Of any type of cargo – general, assorted, oversized, hazardous.

Using any mode of transportation – air, road, rail, sea, multimodal.

Efficiently– we value each customer’s time and meet their deadlines.

Professionally-– all employees have more than 10 years of experience.

Benefits of shipping with our company

Direct contracts with major carriers

Highly competent specialists

Prompt solution to the most complex tasks

Provide a range of end-to-end services.

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Primorsky Krai, Nakhodka, Vrangel village, Vnutriportovaya d. 19


Peterburi tee 46,
Tallinn 11415, Estonia

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